Who is this app for?
ROOSTER is for all New Zealand farmers, vets and pet owners.

What is the app about?
ROOSTER is a treatment reminder app designed to alert animal owners when its time to re-treat their animals or when treatment is due. Rooster is simple to use and will automatically calculate treatment dates for specific products and services. It can send text, email or in-app notifications when treatment is due. There are reminder sections for farm animals, cats and dogs, horses and even bees. Rooster can be personalised and multiple animals or herds can be added with clear identifiers so you know which are due for their treatment and when.

What about my privacy?
Please refer to our privacy policy.

Who is behind this app?
This free to download app was created by Creative Refinery Limited for the sole purpose of helping New Zealand animal owners to consistently maintain dose and treatment regimes. The main sponsor is Elanco New Zealand.